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Choice of birth place - either in the home or within Kootenay Lake Hospital; this is determined by the preferences of each family in addition to the recommendations of the midwife

Informed choice - providing information and advice to empower families to make decisions that are in line with their wisdoms and values

Continuity of care - promoting a deepening of relationship and an opportunity to build shared

understanding and trust

What you can anticipate from your midwifery care
Colibri Midwifery, along with all midwives in British Columbia,
hold several things near to their hearts:
​As a client of Colibri Midwifery,
you will have telephone access to a Registered Midwife 24 hours a day, every day.
You can also look forward to these experiences as time goes along:
Prenatal appointments at Colibri are 30-60 minutes long, allowing time to share information and fully discuss your options and choices.
While you are in active labour your midwife will be with you either at home or in the hospital and will continue to provide care until after your baby is born.
During the postpartum you can expect regular visits both in the hospital and at home. Your Colibri midwife will continue to care for you and your little one until 6-8 weeks after the birth.
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