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A midwife is a healthcare provider who is an expert in normal pregnancy and birth.
Care from a midwife is rooted in the belief of women's and all pregnant people’s innate ability to give birth, and trust in the birthing process. We aim to support families to grow during the childbearing year through gaining confidence in their ability to make informed health care decisions. Health for our families is seen through a holistic lens and encompasses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well bring. We understand the impact of this special time in life, not only for the birthing person and newborn, but also for the family and community.
Midwives in BC provide primary care throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and the first six-to-eight weeks postpartum. While we are experts in normal birth we are also trained to recognize and respond to complications. We work as part of the provincial health care system and have the ability to consult with other professionals in the region if the need for care outside our scope of practice is required. We are also trained and equipped to provide emergency care should the need arise. Midwives can order lab work, ultrasounds, and prescription medication when indicated, and when chosen by clients. With a midwife you can have a natural birth, a medicated birth or even be planning a c-section. Midwives provide care during labour and birth in both the home and the hospital settings, allowing you and your family to chose what feels right for you.
Midwifery is 100% covered by the Medical Service Plan of British Columbia. If you do not have an MSP card we can arrange a private payment option for care.
Newborn swaddled
Midwifery Care
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